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Naixer company is a one of the leading manufacturers specialized in commercial kitchen & Hotel equipment for more than 10 years. We have more than 60,000 square meters of modern workshop. Equipped with advanced imported and local machinery such as Salvagnini Panel Blender, CNC Punching Machine, Germany Trumpf Laser Machine and so on. 8 professional experienced engineers from inland and overseas, more than fifty patents registered during the past 10 years. learn more

10 years

Professional r&d and production

500 people

Professional production personnel


Choice of multiple customers

60000 m2

Production workshop

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Naixer inherits Germany-quality, vests Naixer a brief and elegant designing philosophy. For many years, Naixer has been serving high-end catering users, providing an excellent and high-efficiency steam electric appliance series and hot water electric appliance series. learn more

10 years
industry experience
strength brand

r & d production,
cost-effective increase by 25%

Strict quality control
layer upon layer

after-sales service

Don't know how to match?
Don't know the budget?
It doesn't matter!

Naixer provides you with professional kitchen electrical equipment procurement consulting. Tailored procurement plan for you.

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